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Reseller Program



What is our Drop Ship Program?


Our Drop Ship Program allows you to purchase from us, wholesale or in whatever amount of stock you need, at savings of up to 10 percent on retail prices, and up to 30 percent on shipping costs! Because this program has no minimum order limit, you can custom tailor it to your exact specifications according to your needs and your budget! It’s easy and convenient! Also, as you find your business taking off and steadily needing more and more stock in the future, you can track for yourself how much you'll save! It’s easy and safe, your orders are delivered to any address in the U.S. you supply, no matter your order size, guaranteed!



What is our Distributer Program?


Our Distributer Program is for bulk purchase orders, anyone can place an order if you order more than 15 items, or $1300USD, the savings can go up to 15 percent off the retail price! Like our Drop Ship Program, we can ship to any location you give us, no matter how large your order. But with our Distributer Program, we’ve expanded it so we will ship to any location in the world! Therefore, we more than welcome international orders.



Drop Ship Program


-       We gladly accept Money Order and Paypal™ 


-       JDMGOODIE will ship out your items within 24-48 hours after payment has been cleared. JDMGOODIE will NOT be held accountable for any damage that may arise from the shipping and handling process which is regrettably out of our control.


-       USPS / UPS will be used as the primary shipping carriers.


-       For items damaged upon arrival or “D.O.A.” (Due to manufacture defect or other means NOT incurred from shipping and handling) / or if packaging is missing, please refer to our return policy.


-       For more details please feel free to contact us at



      The Drop Ship Reseller Account Benefits


     -       No minimum order limit.

-       Your account must have placed in excess of $800USD worth of orders consecutively for each of the last 3 months.  

-       Up to 10% discounts on retail price, and 30% discounts on retail S&H




Distributor Program


-       We gladly accept Money Order, Paypal™, and company cheques.


-      Up to 15% savings on retail price plus huge shipping discounts to distributor’s address, please refer to price list for exact prices.


-      We gladly take international orders.



-      Distributor Reseller Ranking will be updated at the end of each month



The Distributor Account Benefits:


-         Anyone can place a Premium wholesale order under these conditions:

That the total number of items exceeds 15


That the total order price exceeds $1300USD


You qualified as a Premium Distributor in JDMGOODIE


-         Up to 15% discounts on retail price, and discounts on shipping. Please refer to price list of exact prices.


 How to get a Dealer Account

Continuously place orders over $1000USD for 3 months consecutively.